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The First Outing in Summer Began with This Art Exhibition

began with this art exhibition1

Shanghai in June gradually opened the door to midsummer. Art exhibitions that have been dusty for a while are also blooming everywhere. In 2021, Wang Ruohan, an artist who had in-depth cooperation with FULI, made her first solo exhibition in Shanghai, "Life is Wandering in the Colorful", which was recently presented in Shanghai Donishi Gallery. Wang Ruohan is one of the most active Chinese designers and visual artists in Germany.

began with this art exhibition2
began with this art exhibition4
began with this art exhibition3

A total of 16 prints by Wang Ruohan and 3 art tapestries were exhibited in this exhibition. In this exhibition, you will be infected by the roaring colors through these bold and confident prints and tapestries.


Wang Ruohan

Ruohan Wang 
Wang Ruohan was born in Beijing in 1992. Graduated from Berlin University of the Arts in 2017. Her works have been exhibited in Nanjing Art University Art Museum, Scottish National Design and Architecture Center, Chongqing Yuan Dynasty Art Museum, Shanghai K11 Art Museum, Munich German Museum, etc. She is currently a professor at Peter Baehrens Art Institute. Now living in Berlin.

wang ruohan products

Wang Ruohan captures and records daily life with a unique style. Through her cooperation with famous brands such as Nike, UGG and Off-White, she has attracted the attention of the world, brought international reputation to this illustrator, painter and visual artist, and made her stand at the forefront of a new generation of artistic talents.

02 Tapestries

Three art tapestries jointly collaborated by Wang Ruohan and FULI in 2021 are presented in this solo exhibition.

began with this art exhibition5
began with this art exhibition6

Wang Ruohan's X FULI art tapestry "Miracle Stone Travel", "Bait" and "Belt" were exhibited in the street window and the inner hall of the Donishi Gallery respectively. The three-dimensional sense and special texture of fabric are particularly distinctive in a number of print works. This is also the first attempt of Wang Ruohan's cross-border tapestry.

Wang Ruohan was inspired by her travels all over the world, and then she created rich multi-color pictures. FULI added some color collages and gradations to the tapestry creation of Miracle Stone Travel, which made the audience have a different artistic sensory experience. 

The color changes of the whole work of Bait are more complicated, especially the embodiment of the woods and the color mixing treatment of the characters' hair, which are all new attempts from the original plane to the 3D stereoscopic presentation.

The whole picture of "Belt" is more colorful, and the three-dimensional superposition of sheared large color blocks is woven on the yarn, which vividly reproduces the artist's inner world.

03 Handmade craft

The overall picture structure of the three art tapestries was created by Wang Ruohan inspired by the hand-tufted process, and the natural texture in the 2D picture was presented by the three-dimensional woven carpet as the medium through the hand-made process of FULI. This kind of blending makes the content of the picture and the tapestry craft blend into one thing, which has a natural interest.


The hand tufted spear stab is more challenging in the re-creation of three-dimensional cutting prints. There is a difference in texture between yarn and pigment itself, and the performance in color has become more elegant. On the multi-color picture, FULI uses a variety of materials for precise dyeing, and combined with the change of loop cutting, it makes the carpet more three-dimensional.

These three works by Wang Ruohan are the important works of FULI art, a collectible art carpet line of Fuli. FULI realizes the artist's reverie and design concept in the world of carpet. We are committed to creating art tapestries that can be used in daily life, while being valuable for collection. FULI believes that art can bring nourishment and energy to life. By hand tufted carpets, more people can live with art.

If you also want to try Chinese tapestry in the space, you can visit and experience it in the FULI exhibition hall or the Donishi Gallery during the exhibition, or you can contact us.

Post time: Jul-21-2022