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Lu Xinjian’s Solo Exhibition at CAMPIS Assen

CITY DNA - New Solo Exhibition by Lu Xinjian at CAMPIS in the Netherlands

Lu Xinjians Solo Exhibition at CAMPIS Assen1

Each city has its own DNA. Chinese artist Lu Xinjian has long explored this concept with his uniquely graphical and colorful paintings. His new solo show "CITY DNA" at CAMPIS in Assen, Netherlands features 15 of his paintings in this series and his recent carpet collaboration with FULI.

foto Harry Cock

In this series, Lu takes the essence of the city and its architecture and simplifies it into a 'code'. Using a unique graphic visual language, he lets the viewer to look at these cities in different way. In a maze of lines and circles, each representing essential parts of the city, viewers can allow their minds to wander in these intricate city grids.

foto Harry Cock

Along with his paintings showing cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, LA and Madrid, there is a unique carpet piece depicting a map of Beijing in the center of the gallery. It is a part of FULI’s ongoing collaboration with international artists. This stunning carpet is inspired by the symmetrical layout of Beijing, achieving a sense of graphical order through the chaotic colors and lines.

Lu Xinjian-City DNA-Beijing01

Beijing, the capital of Lu’s homeland China, is known for its unique urban design dating back to centuries ago. The city is centered by the Forbidden City which is clearly visible in the piece. With close attention, viewers will be able to spot their favorite attractions in each part of the city. Soft natural wool and cotton threads adds a dimension to the design, making it a completely different artistic experience from his other paintings.

Lu Xinjians Solo Exhibition at CAMPIS Assen4
Lu Xinjians Solo Exhibition at CAMPIS Assen5

The exhibition runs from January 26 to March 27 at CAMPIS, located at Kerkstraat 31 Assen, Netherlands. (Photography: Harry Cock)

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Post time: Feb-22-2022